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The Man Behind The Scene

Hi Folks!

You can call me Dwiki, Dwiki Ikhwan, or perhaps handsome just don’t call me for dinner awright? (sounds familiar, huh?)


I am 21 years old. This is actually my fourth times writing a blog. I never really manage to remember the password so i had to let them go. I used to posted in blogger, wait is it okay if i said the blogger word? WordPress won’t banned me right? Please no offense mate!

Anyway, let’s talk about likes and dislikes.


Wait! FYI, i am Indonesian so basically i love to speak indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia. But, i think i had enough of them. I always used the language in my daily conversation every single time and i thought i never really had the time to speak english. I need exercise though, besides… I really love to speak english. Having said that, i thought typing them in my blog is another way to express my love in english and another way to have a practice.

However i am NOT THAT GOOD. So, please forgive me if there were grammar errors. I am practicing remember?

Back to likes and dislikes.

What i like is simple.

  • Food (culinary)
  • Travelling
  • Jokes
  • Games
  • Music
  • Marvel
  • Spending time alone
  • Fashion (I do like to buy clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Sports ( Basketball and Football or Soccer for the American folks)
  • Front end developing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript stuffs)

What i don’t like is also simple.

  • Math (calculating stuffs)
  • Analytical skills (damn)
  • Bulls*it
  • Hoax

That’s a wrap i guess. And if you were still wondering what the hell is this blog posting about, the answer lies in my likes and dislikes i guess. But sometime i just hit twitter and look at what’s Hot for the day and post it right away.

Well then, i hope you satisfied about this page. See you another day!