About a week now, i had trouble whenever i try to sleep at night. I don’t really know what is wrong though, some of my friends said that maybe i am thinking too much, worried too much that’s why my brain kept working and my eyes refuse to be closed. I think it makes sense though since i kept failing to get a job here in Bogor. Nah, i just need to keep work hard and try to get another oppurtunity.

But that is not why i brought this post up!

I did said that i had trouble sleeping but eventually i can sleep. But when i do, i had these weird dreams always a weird one. It feels so natural, so realistic as if i am awake and it really is happening.

Here i give you an example….

Like yesterday, i dreamt about me playing with two kids. I don’t really know who they are, i even forgot their genders. But if my memory serves me right, one of them is a girl and perhaps the other one is a boy. I am not sure, could be both of them were girls but one thing for sure that one of them is a little girl. Can’t really remember their faces, the way they talk, their laughs, even their faces.

Like every ordinary dreams, i don’t know how but there i am in a room (Like inception said, don’t know how but we end up in a middle of a dream. Never from the start). This room has a yellow wallpaper, a dark yellow wallpaper with a white colored arrow shape lined up perfectly. And then i heard voices, laughters. Yeah it was them, the kids that i mentioned earlier. I don’t know why but i just can’t move, perhaps i don’t feel like moving in that dream. Altough i am very curios to look around the room but i can’t help to move my legs. I remember that the sofa is very comfy, a big red sofa for i think 3 or 4 people. I started to think that maybe i am in a living room.

The voices drawing near, i focused my eyes on the white door in front of me thinking like maybe the kids would barge the door and show themselves. And they did, they pushed the door with such power and they just stop laughing and stoned. I am really confused, im trying to ask them where am i but as you figured i can’t talk. They just staring and walk slowly towards me. It’s not scary actually, i don’t feel scared because they seem cheerful and yeah i love kids so it’s fine.

I can’t remember if they talk or not but one thing for sure that finally i played hide and seek with them. Again, i can’t remember well. My memories were so blur that i can’t even tell why i want to play with them. Did they force me to play or did i willing to play?

Finally the problem risen. I can feel that the dream is about to end and my feeling was right. I remember the kid screaming, pulling my hand to find the girl. As i said before, i can’t really tell if this kid is a girl or a boy so let’s just call this kid ‘the kid’. The kid kept pulling my hand and i agreed to find the kid’s sister. We search around the living room but she wasn’t there and finally i got a chance to leave the room and explore around the house. But guess what, every room is the same! The white door where the kids first showed up? I opened that exact door and i found my self back where i started. I even look back from where i came, yet still the room looked same. Getting scary now but the worst part is about to come.

After a few doors opened which the rooms were all alike, finally we found the kid’s sister behind a curtain. I can see her tiny shoes behind the curtain, i can’t tell if she is still playing hide and seek or hiding from something else. When i try to approach her, the kid pull my hand as if the kid don’t want me to get to her. I am baffled, i thought the kid is worried about her. Suddenly she is screming as if someone tortured her. I am beginning to feel the horror myself, i’m not even sure if i want to take another step towards her. But i know that i have to be brave, who else gonna save her it’s not like i see another adult around here.

Damn, my heart beating like never before and my hands were shaking very bad. I also sweat a lot, goosebump, scared, confused, worried, everything mixed. Just a few steps before i can reach her and………

I am awake. It just feel so real because my heart was still pounding! As if that dream is really happening. How weird was that? Have you ever had a dream and when you awake you can still feel the thrill of that dream? This is the first for me. I really think it was over but still i am curios about the dream. Especially those kids, the room, everything about that dream. But anyway, thank God it is all over. Or has it?

I closed my eyes, hoping that i can sleep well now. But…..

I am back. It just feels like you skipped the scary part and fast forward the movie into the climax. The climax of the scary part. I don’t know how, i hugged the girl with my own hands, sitting on the sofa. I can see the kid was in front of me, staring at me hoping that i can save the kid’s sister. She kept screaming as if something tortured her very bad. I searched and searched for a wound, a scar, or something that may hurt her but i can’t find anything. When i look around the room to find something like a telephone or a first aid kit, i noticed the wallpaper behind me has a giant black hole and wind started to got in and out. I don’t know what to do, my heart even beating much faster than before.

I kept hugging her because i don’t know what else to do. I knew if i move it would be useless. Nowhere else to go, every room is the same and i can’t find anyone else. Just the three of us. I just prayed to God, hoping to save us all. I started to cry and i hugged her even tighter. The kid walked slowly towards me and hugged the two of us.

Finally it was all over. I’m back.

But something was wrong. No i am not bedwetting, in fact i cried.

Another mysterious thing happened. Can you really cried when awoken from a dream? If you don’t believe me than have it your way because i just did. This experience is the most bizzare one in my life. I do feel glad that it was all over but it would be great if i had a chance to have another dream like that.

If there is a dream-expert or people who can tell what the true meaning of a dream out there, please read this and help me. Please tell me what is going on, help me. I need to know if that dream based on a true story or perhaps were there facts about that dream. Maybe it really is happening somewhere? Or maybe that dream was a glimpse of someone’s future, my future? I really hope it’s not my future!

It is 10.30 pm here in Bogor, Indonesia. Been blogging for an hour and i think it is time to hit the bed. Will i experience another bizzare dream? Damn, i forgot that today is a bad day for telling horror story. Because here in Indonesia, Thursday nights believed to be the scariest nights of all nights. What a bad move, wish me luck!


PS :

I hope both of the kid made it


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