It has been more than two days now when i see the most famous search engine in the world is vacuum. Yeah you know, they usually provided the search engine with animations or maybe events or famous characters and figures. Well, i guess there are no special events these days, are there?

If you are still wondering, why don’t you take a quick look at the search engine. The google one of course. But, if you are too lazy to hit the tab + t buttons then i shall provide you with an image of it


There you have it. Weird isn’t it? Looks old fashioned. Yet still i adore google, they make everything easier for you. But i have to say that something is wrong. Many of you will probably say that ‘Its not a big deal, its still google’ or ‘What’s wrong with you? That was their default display’ or perhaps ‘You nerd. Google always do this when nothing special is going on!’. All right, but i have my reasons for bringing this up.

The reasons are………If the search engine now is their default display :

  • Look at the buttons, Google Search and I’m Feeling lucky. I am really sure the default display of the search engine isn’t look like that. Lacks of *CSS i presume. No, not just the button, all of the elements were lack of CSS. And one more thing, i think the buttons were too close to the search bar.
  • The blue texts (links), i am not sure that all of them were designed well. It just feels like they were forced to be there to fulfil their purpose.

Then again, this post is just my personal opinion. I am a human and of course one make a mistake. All i am trying to say that i found it weird to see the search engine in such condition. Knowing that Google is full of great web developers as well as advanced programming skills. I do hope they fix it soon, looking forward to it then.


What is CSS ?

learn CSS here


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