Hi guys.

It has been a while since my last post. About a month or so, if i’m not mistaken.

Well, today i’d like to share some of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ images. I just sign up on pinterest today and when they asked me what kinds of things i would be interested in then it hit me that i do like sherlock holmes (even though i don’t have the book).

And guess what? I found a bunch of great fan-art, wallpapers, quotes, oh yeah all of them were just lovely. Here, let me show you my personal favorites. Though i should mention that i just take a quick look. And i’m sure that pinterest would provide me some more.

Don’t you guys just love them?

If you asked me i will say “Now that’s ART”. I don’t really know how he done it, but i am glad he did and of course the fans will too.

I don’t know if its illegal or not, cause if you visit outnerdme.com you can see that all of them were not FREE. But hey, i am not mass produce them right? Just bloged about them, even i show you guys the link! Yeah! Think of it like i am trying to promote outnedme.com. That works, says John Watson.

Go click the link above! Make yourself useful, save my blog. Don’t let outnerdme block my blog. And of course don’t forget to thank me below, yup! The comment section.


Thanks to :

pinteresttumblr and outnerdme


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