Helloo guys!

Another Sunday, another game to post.

And today i can’t think anything else beside this game. It’s very addicted and once i played it seems impossible to me to stop playing. I don’t know why i just get the feeling to reach the top of the mountain. By the top of the mountain, i mean there is a score for every wins and loses you get each battle you made.

Sounds confusing? Perhaps its my english, pardon me.

Okay i’ll try explaining a bit.

Let’s just say that you were given certain score, like 500 when you first play. That score is very low, thus you are a beginner and put into the first stage. I forgot what the first stage is called though. To gain your score all you gotta do is fight for them. Click the battle button and you’re ready to go!


Better think about your deck strategy.

What? A deck? I thought you were saying it’s a live death match?

Yes, yes! I know what i said. Bare with me…

There were 8 cards in a deck. So, these cards consist of offensive and defensive movements. So, you gotta choose carefuly and time everything perfectly if you want to win. Not to mention you can’t just attack and put any cards from your deck anytime you want. You gotta consider your elixir consumption. If you ran out of elixir than you won’t be able to do anything except watching your tower destroyed.

Kinda messed up, i should have mentioned about the tower before, yeah?

That’s another point of playing this game, if you wanna get points and become a winner you gotta take down your opponent tower. Which there were three towers, right-tower, left-tower, and crown-tower at the center. If your crown-tower destroyed, instantly you lose the match.

I think i just show you what the battle looks like, since it’s a free account i can’t really post a video here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OF COURSE i posted my win, i don’t wanna be a loser and post a match i lost.

As i said, there you can see the towers, the elixir, and an epic clash between two players LIVE.

Go check it out guys, you can find it right away at playstore and appstore.

Have fun! And i wish you get addicted as i am, moreover when you lose and your trophy points decreased, then you’ll start to think like “Damn! One more match!” or “I WON! This is my day, ANOTHER MATCH!”

That’s me by the way…..

HAVE FUN guys! Thanks for being here in sunday-gaming. See ya!



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