Well, today i’m gonna talk about MySQL.

Perhaps most of you wondering about “How did the bank stored so many data, including the bio of their customer, their balance” and so on.

Of course they won’t memorized them, and if you think that the data were stored in computer then you are correct. But how? Did they store the data JUST INSIDE THEIR PC?

If it was stored in a PC, what will happen if the computer gone black-out, or perhaps broken, or the most common reason is virus. What will happen to the data?

Not to mention the security, all of those data were sensitive. You can’t let any other people even their family to know their pin in ATM, right?

Yap, i THINK (opinion) that’s why people trying to find a way to prevent and maintain the stored data. And here we are, we have MySQL, a great database and actually free so you can learn whatever you want to learn to program the database.

Here is a link about MySQL, you can also find the history for detail and also code snippet, documentation, ah…one more is the forum.

And here is a picture, a diagram to let things loose a bit

Hasil gambar untuk mysql works

source : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7208459/suggestions-on-making-a-php-javascript-mysql-framework

Okay, i’ll try to explain the diagram.

You will noticed that there were two side at the diagram. The Server Side and Client Side.

Well, it maybe confusing but it actually easy. Try to imagine a cafe, you’ll noticed that there were to side there. The first side is our side, the customer. Well this side includes all of the area that we a customer can explore. Including our table, toilet, and other places that a customer permitted to go to.

The other side is, as you figured it out already, the cooking side. Including the kitchen where the cook cooks (weird-word) and the only people who can access this side is the chef (duh), and the waiter.

The Server Side = The Kitchen

The Client Side = The Cafe

Yeah, i guess that looks pretty same to the diagram.

Moving on…

It’s called back end, MySQL and PHP. Both of them were a program language that allows a programmer to create and manipulate data in various ways. The PHP is actually much more complicated than MySQL. I do think it’s a high level logic programming, sadly i can’t talk much about it. I still trying to learn PHP myself.

What PHP done is that it connects stored data in MySQL to the client side, i don’t really know why but there is a code in PHP that allows you to do that.

And at the end you can see that the stored data transfered and can also be viewed by the client. But the client themselves don’t really know how did the data got there. It happens at the back of the stage.

Well, i guess that’s a wrap!

I know that i still learning and most of you might find something wrong in this post. Then again i am NOT teaching anyone, i just want to SHARE what i know. And hopefully you can mention me at the comment if you find something wrong.



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