Do you believe in your friend? Moreover, do you really believe there is such thing as ‘best friend forever’ ? Do you really believe that there is actually a living person out there whom willing to listen to your story, whether it is a happy or a sad story? Do you really believe there is someone out there you can tell your secret to?

Because i DON’T….

Well, i think i am a really lonely person. I am not really that kind of dude whom willing to spent my time with friends. I don’t really good at spending time together with them and that is the reason why i don’t have a best friends. Perhaps you guys find it weird, perhaps you’d think like “How hard can it be?” or “Seriously Dwiki? Are you a weirdo or something?”. Well guess what? I think i am a weirdo.

But this weirdo is not alone, i am pretty sure of that. I can’t be the only one who enjoy spending my time alone, at home, playing video games, blogging, watching a movie and i do like doing those things by myself. Some people might not enjoy watching a movie alone, but i did that alone, i watched 3 MOVIES by myself.

And if somebody asks what is unique about me, then i can tell them i like to do almost everything by myself.

Perhaps you guys wondering why i did that? Why alone?

Well, i think this post can tell you why…

To get there i have to tell you about what happened today.

Here we go…

A friend of mine (barely know her) came from Medan City to here, Bogor City. And of course we arranged a rendezvous to meet up. All right let’s call her Lulu, and as i said before i barely know her, that’s a fact. I once visited her home, i met her lil sist and mom and that’s all. She is my friend’s gf so of course we became friends immediately.

Moving on…

Almost forgot, she lived in Medan but she got a Dad who works in the Police Department so she told me that she was born here in Bogor and having birth here made her knew some cool places here. So i leave the navigation to her hand, if we got lost….Well, it can’t be right?

After we met up, we decided to go to a mall called Lippo Plaza and we spent a time there for lunch. After the lunch, here friend came, her name is Tya. Well, to be honest she is a great girl. I just met her and i can tell that Lulu and Tya were best friends. Yup, you can tell by their expression. I mean, i found out that they just met today after 5 years. So that expression when they finally met can tell you right away.

That made me wonder, if i were in Lulu’s or Tya’s position would someone miss me? Would someone have the same expression as i’ve seen today? Would someone said, “Wow Dwiki! It’s been a while, man! I know this is weird but i missed you!

But, you know what? No one would said that, not even a person. No one would even bother come and visit me.

Moving on….

After lunch we chatted a bit and the three of us headed somewhere else to spent our time this afternoon. And we immediately got a place to hang out. I forgot to mention that Tya loves to hang out, just like Lulu. So finding a good place to chill isn’t a problem for them.

When we got there, we spent our time well, both of them were chatting, mostly about how long has it been, how where things going, how is this person doing, is she or he healthy or not, the usual stuffs. But i am not totally left out you know, Tya is an amazing person she likes to talk so i joined their little talk and things got pretty good. It didn’t felt like i just know them, it felt like i knew them for years.

After a couple of minutes, Tya’s lil sist came and our little talk became much bigger then it was before.

After some time, they had to leave,Tya’s lil sist had to meet her friend and Tya herself had something to do with college stuffs. And yeah there we are, only me and Lulu was left alone.

Things gone quietly for a moment, i just drink my coffee and so does Lulu.


The unexpected friend starts to chat.

Back there at lunch before Tya came, Lulu told me a lot about her family, about how things run in her family. The private stuffs.

I didn’t expect that to happened, i didn’t really think that a ‘friend’ not a ‘best friend’ would tell you their life story. It was very private and i crossed my heart that i won’t tell anyone about what she said back there.

Up until now i was thinking, did she made a mistake telling me that private story about her family or did she believe in me? Because, i’ve read something about girls. It said that,

When a girl tells you something about their problems or sharing their thoughts about something, it means that she trusted you. Yet, she didn’t need a solution, she just wanted to let it all out.”

Trust, did she trust me? Like i said before, we barely knew each other.

Wait, there is another one! Sherlock Holmes the series in BBC. If you watched the series, the episode when Watson asked him to be his best man at his wedding. Sherlock was shocked and freezes like a puppet. And then Sherlock said


“….So if i didn’t understand i was being asked to be the best man, it is because i never expected to be anybody’s best friend….

I think me and Holmes has the same point of view in finding a friend.

Back to the story, ehm…

So….yeah i heard to everything came out from her mouth. I never really listened to any story from a ‘friend’ like i had today. This is the very first time in my life to spent my time just to talk with a friend.

After she talked a lot about her life, i don’t know why but it felt wrong if i didn’t tell her about my life too. So, without thinking much i start to think, “Maybe one didn’t really need a best friend to share their story, their thoughts. Maybe it just happened, just let it all out.” There, i told her about my life.

About how i see things, about how i think about ‘best friend’, everything.

She listened and responded well back there.

I don’t know why, after i told her everything about me i said, “I never really had this kinda conversation in my whole life. I got ex-es, friends whom i knew for years, my parents, brothers, but none of them got a chance to hear what i have to say deep at the bottom of my heart.”

For the record, i am NOT FALLING FOR HER, i just found it weird. How could a person you barely know got you feel like you can tell her everything and you just trust that she won’t let you down. That’s how i felt. I never expected that, no one ever will i think.

To make it official, i think something has changed inside my mind.

I always thought that you don’t really need to spend you time with your friends, because eventually one WILL betrayed you, let you down, not treating you as special as you treated them, even forget about what you did for them.

But now, after i chatted with Lulu

I think….

You don’t really need to find a best friend to share your problems. Any friend would do, the might not give a damn about your problems, at least they’ll noticed what’s going on inside your head, how you see things. And that, to me is important. That’s how people can see how wise you are.

Lulu showed me that.

Well, you just can’t stop learning, can you? Discovering things every day, that’s a great experience in the early of 2017.

Oh yeah, 2017 is here!

Damn i think i should have moved that words in the beginning. Nah, i just leave it there.

That’s a wrap! I hope you got a chance to know me well from this post. And i hope we got a chance to be a better man in this year. See ya!

nb : Don’t worry Mula, Lulu is a great girl and i AM NOT FALLING FOR HER. Sorry i had to tell you this again to convince you.



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