Hey folks! It’s Sunday!

I’ve been thinking, it has been some time since i started this blog. And i made up my mind about the content, what should i posted every time i feel like posting and what is shouldn’t post. And clearly i like to play games. Who doesn’t right? Men or Women doesn’t really matter, everyone love games.

That is why for the first time ever in my blog i’m gonna keep on post games every Sunday. So bare with me, i hope it went well. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what should i post, please tell me. You can leave your comment below or mail me right away!

Okay, moving on………

I recently discovered this game in playstore, its called PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator.


There, yeah my account name is dwikipedia. And here is my room


Hell yeah, look at those views. Almost hit 60 thousand viewers and for the subscriber i got 14 k – ish.

Perhaps you guys still wondering what is this game about. Tube? Does it mean YouTube? What’s the point of the game?

Okay, i’ll explain.

The game is about a virtual life of a youtubers, in this game you’ll be called tubers. The subscriber (green eye icon) represents your money, you can buy stuffs from the store menu (the one in the middle, $ store sign). I guess i made myself very clear there, right? If you still asking about ‘the point’ then you gotta find out yourself. Just search the game and you’ll be satisfied!

At first you will only get a small-lame-room, a default avatar, lame table (i still use the lame table though), and a lame wallpaper. But all that can be changed if you keep playing and keep recording new videos from the most left menu (the black PC).

The Brain menu below represents your boosting skills and other support skills as a tubers. Fill it in to gain some boosts.

Well then, i guess that’s a wrap! I don’t wanna be a spoiler i just wanna tell you how to play it and what the hell is this game about! So please don’t be mad. Let’s have fun together then.

Almost forgot! If you were wondering how to play android games in PC, please visit the link over here

Okay then, what are you guys waiting for? Download it right away guys! And don’t forget to tell me your channel name, okay? Have fun! Happy holiday!

#EndOfTheYear #PewDiePie


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