I haven’t really measure the temperature here. But i can tell you as Indonesian, folks who lived beyond the equator, this is the coldest temperature i have ever felt. Of course its still nothing compared to the temperature out there, western continent or perhaps the north pole.

I just read in wikipedia and it tells me that the lowest temperature on earth is −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K). Can human really survive in such situation? It has several references though, so i think it was based on facts. FYI, not all of wikipedia’s article or posts were true.

Anyway, i haven’t really tell you where i am now, have i?

I do stay in Bogor City but yesterday my friend chat me and asked if i want to spent a night or two in his house. So, yeah of course i decided to go there, got nothing better to do anyway. Then, yesterday he went to Bogor via motorcycle from Bandung and spent a night at my house. Of course he need to spent a night cus it takes about 5 hours from Bandung to Bogor. Not to mention the traffic jam, it could take more than it should.

That is why today we woke up early to avoid the traffic. It’s about ten past 5, the road is far from traffic. Well, everything seem good, as we planed. Until finally, life gets hard. It always does. It’s about 30 to six and we already out of Bogor City, we drove toward Puncak. Well, basicly puncak means summit in english.

Guess what? Beside the temperature, the jam is also here. Well, the temperature wasn’t that low, perhaps between 10° to 15° C. But still! I am absolutely chilled! I never really experienced a cold this bad. Not to mention, we haven’t even reach the top of the mountain yet. So, for you guys out there who love to have an adventure, the cold one, you gotta try Indonesia, Bandung City i mean Puncak. Still, i doubt that you will feel cold. Cus as i said before Indonesia still on the equator, the coldest part in this continent is nothing compare to those in western continent.

At least i am promotting my country, right? Come visit Indonesia! heheee

Okay then….

Me and my friend finally reached Puncak. It was about 7 a.m, could be more and we decided to have a breakfast. Yap, the stomach was growling all the way from Bogor and i had to resist the temptation to eat. We ordered fried rices and hot teas. I’d like to chow them fast but the cold is just something. My hands shaking like ballerinas (Not sure they shake that much). However the tea is here to save the day! I had a sip of my tea, it’s just save my hands though.

Proceeding the eating process……

4 minutes passed, i am pretty much full and when i touch my hot tea it was a bad news. You guys probably knew why it was a bad news. It has transformed into an Iced tea without an ice cube in it. Amazed. Cus i am pretty sure i ordered a HOT tea before. Well, like it or not that was the magic of Puncak or any other mountain areas.

Yeah we took a picture after that, there were many tea gardens below us so we went there.


After that we continue our journey to Bandung City. The traffic still there though, but not that bad. It took us 4 hours to get there. Earlier than my calculation. Well, whaddya expect? I am bad at maths…. heheeee

Another good news came from my hands. They stopped shaking since Bandung wasn’t that cold when we arrived. So, yeah everything went smooth after that.

And here i am at my friend’s house. He is playing a guitar, his lil’ sis reading a novel and i am typing my blog.

That’s a wrapped for today then, my stomach is full of anger. I need to find something to eat here since the cold is coming back to get me. See yaaaaaaaa


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