Hi guys!

Why don’t you take a good look at twitter, and see what’s hot recently.

Yup, you’ll  find “OM TELOLET OM”

Let’s talk about this ‘telolet’ some more, i was wondering i could tell you something unique about it. It could be a strange words for you guys, abroad. But here in Indonesia it was very popular, people in streets found it very intriguing. Their bodies just feel like shaking when the ‘telolet’ comes. Gotta stop typing ‘telolet’ for a second here. Heheee


I wonder if you guys, abroad of course, still wondering’ what the hell are you talking about!’ or like ‘Just tell us what telolet is and we’ll stop reading your stupid post!’

Hang in there fellows abroad! I’ll give you a clue of what telolet is. Here ya go!

Yeay, the mystery is solved!

Yup, telolet is actually a sound. A horn that came from giant buses. According to that picture above what makes telolet popular is that a youtube account named Bis Mania Comunity (BMC) uploaded  video of those buses in September the 19th, 2016. And since then, Indonesian has lost their minds and some of us actually hunting for this telolet sound.

If you look at youtube, just search telolet there and you’ll find kids, teenagers, even adults asking for the bus driver to sound the horns. And of couse the sound will be more or less like their name “TELO LET LO LET TELOLET”. Loud and clear, you just can’t argue with the name “telolet” it was just perfect.

So, for you guys abroad, or maybe tourists in Indonesia you can try and shout for the telolet whenever you see this giant buses around. But i must tell you, i haven’t really see tourists shouting for telolet though. If you do this and don’t forget to record it okay? And i hope you’ll be the first tourist who did that! You’ll be famous, i hope.

Back to twitter…

the tag #OmTeloletOm is still there. It has been hours still the last time i checked, and now it has 101 K Tweets of ’em. Amazing….

Introducing people of Indonesia, spent their time on twitter. Tweeting about this ‘telolet’ and never stops. Well my fellow Indonesian, it’s never telolet to change.

You see what i did there? No?

Hasil gambar untuk okay 9 gag


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