It’s official. I am no longer mommy’s kid, cus now i’m no longer live with my parents. . I lived in Medan City before, i’ve lived there since i was a little kid. But now i am trying to find a propper job here in Bogor City. Medan and Bogor is actually in different islands, well….since i’m Indonesian (to be precised) i’m gonna talk a lot about Indonesian stuffs!

Don’t worry, in english of course!

So pardon me if there were many grammar error. Please go easy on me!

So, yeah, basicly my blog is all about stuffs happened in my daily life. I don’t really guess you guys can find facts in my blog, but i’ll try to read things, researching before posts an article. Don’t really like hoax myself.

Ok! Well, let’s talk about where i lived these days then.

Can i access a gps here?

Hmm…don’t think so.

Well, i live in Manunggal Jaya Street, Kebon Pedes Area in Bogor City. Yeah, i rent a room here since the 14th of December. It’s a good one though, spacy, clean, the air is fresh, and last but not least it’s a friendly neighbourhood.

I did said i am no longer live with my parents but actually my aunt is here. Yeah, i usually visited here for lunch every day. And in the night she’ll pack me food for dinner. It’s a good way to save your money though, eat for free. God knows how kind of her, she is the best aunt i’ve ever had.

PS : Auntie if you read this, stop smilling please

I had to mention this!

It’s not just the free food i got everyday! She IS a good aunt, really. I can’t really explain why beside the free stuffs, i had my own reason.

Well then, i guess that’s all for today.

It’s dinner time now, yeah right she packed my dinner and i’m about to eat ’em.

So, thank God for today! Hopefully i can survive till i got a propper job. That is the REAL mission.

Chow time fellas!


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